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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Passing marks in standard 12 science also got admission in pharmacy

Passing marks in standard 12 science also got admission in pharmacy (Newspaper Report)

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Std.  12 Before joining the pharmacy, it was also 45% for the general and 40% for the reservation before the admission in the pharmacy. Reconciliation reports will benefit students of less than 19 percent of the students in 19th standard. In the state's 70 pharmacy colleges - 5000 seats for standard 12 12 science less than 45 percent in the general category.  Students who have less than 40% result in Group A and Group Group - in Reserve Science  Sing could not be obtained in pharmacies enrolled in the recipient brands.  The students of these students will also be able to get admission in the pharmacy from Radhak's academic session.  Will be able to  More than 300 seats in the Pharmacy Council Pharmacy Colleges' seats were students of the vacancy of India (PCI) passing marks.  After which the decision for decision and AICTE for admission to the pharmacy has been paved.  College has become the minimum for admission.  - Members of the Pharmacy Colleges for Members of the Apex Facilitation Qualifying General Category  G.  P.  Vadodaria said, 45, when the admission process for the Reserve category has been completed, 60% of the main subjects of the completion of the 40% limit will be decided after admission, 40% of the Gujjet will be given admission by preparing approximately merit due to the minimum percentage of 2019-2020 year.

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