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Thursday, May 30, 2019

The government will give only AC in many rupees for the AC buyers.

Hello friends, summer is running and people have started crying out loud due to the loudness and brutal heat, and Narendra Modi for the 2014 elections, once again won this election in the year 2019 and for the benefit of the public, and the relief from this heat.  Therefore, this Modi government is in full swing to give a new and unique gift to the people.  And this time the BJP government, ie the Modi government, with the strong entry in the power, the Modi government will now provide the Aam Aadmi (Air Conditioner - AC) cheaply.

According to EESL, this AC  Bulk means that the wholesale price will be reduced when buying it.  And, like this LED LED bulb and fan, these bulk buyers found low purchasing value.  It will also be found in cheaper. According to the sources, this AC is one year up to one year.  There will also be a guarantee.  And besides this the compressor guarantee of this AC will be up to 5 years.

 Appeal to the public, today people feel heat is rising very much. And heat is increasing every year.  All the person sows a tree and raises it in a test. If you like this little effort, please share it.

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